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The Pre ICO

The Pre ICO will allow interested investors to purchase A-NEX DONpia Cyber Tokens before the actual ICO proceedings. This is a phenomenon appreciated by angel investors, for example, who want to get in on the ground floor, and establish themselves at the foundation of a new unhackable Cryptocosm. More A-NEX DONpia Cyber Tokens will be sold at the ICO. There will be multiple opportunities for people to become involved in A-NEX Cryptocurrency offerings for DONpia Cyber Tokens and UNIA point.

The prospect of the A-NEX ICO opens up a whole new world: the decentralized Tokenomics economy increases in value by virtue of increasing usage of DONpia Cyber Tokens and UNIA point. Whereas individuals accomplish peer-to-peer transactions with no need for reliance on a bank or major corporation, they will be discovering new ways to exchange value in the A-NEX Cryptocosm, whether it involves the exchange of DONpia Cyber Tokens or UNIA point in a Smart City or a Hyper City.

The A-NEX Cryptocurrency Exchange

The A-NEX Cryptocurrency Exchange will allow users to easily exchange and interchange DONpia Cyber Tokens with Ether Cyber Coins, and UNIA point with Bitcoin. Indeed, the world of cryptocurrency exchange already offers opportunities for investors, and these A-NEX cryptocurrencies will allow interested investors more vehicles for investments. The prospect of the A-NEX ICO opens up a whole new, unhackable world: the decentralized Tokenomics economy increases in value by virtue of increasing usage of DONpia Cyber Tokens and UNIA point. Whereas individuals accomplish peer-to-peer transactions with no need for reliance on a bank or major corporation, they will be discovering new ways to exchange value in the A-NEX Cryptocosm, whether it involves the exchange of DONpia Cyber Tokens or UNIA point in a Smart Contract, a Smart Store, a Smart City or a Hyper City.

Three Principles for True Decentralization


Decentralization of profits

All operational profits are automatically distributed to participants via BBS.


Decentralization of Economic Ecosystem

A-NEX operates a self-sufficient economic ecosystem with comprehensive supply and consumption, ranging from mere activities to starting new businesses and investment activities.


Decentralized operation

All participants using the BBS act as nodes.
The World Harmony Foundation under the UN will strengthen our decentralized system. (on progress)

Meet our solution for you

A-NEX is currently in the process of achieving its first business goal and objective: the creation of the truly unhackable A-NEX Cryptocosm. The ICO entails the next goal and objective: the creation of A-NEX's digital cryptocurrency – DONpia Cyber Tokens and UNIA point. This will open unlimited opportunities and applications for the A-NEX Cryptocurrencies, for example, (a) to be traded and exchanged in the present, and (b) for possible future use in Smart Cities in South Korea or around the world, and (c) for possible use in an unlimited number of virtual Hyper Cities. We offer the services you expect, and some that will surprise.


Secure Storage

A-NEX will offer the DONpia eWallet as a universal storage system for all of your cryptocurrencies. It will take the form of a downloadable app, and it will be very easy to use. It is also unhackable!


Exchange Service

The A-NEX Cryptocurrency exchange allows you to buy, sell and exchange all of your cryptocurrencies easily in the A-NEX Super Cloud. It is also unhackable!


Credit Card Use

Of course, A-NEX accepts all major credit cards.

Usage of Funds Raised in ICO

The usage of money raised in the ICO is aimed at the continual development of the A-NEX cryptocosm. With this OT-OCN powered Super Cloud we can pioneer the applications of A-NEX Cryptocurrencies. For example, we have a Cryptocosm being designed on the basis of rewarding the most active users. In this cyberspace the value of Cryptocurrencies is distributed through the value exchanged in transactions, as well as the rewards individuals receive for their actions in the Cryptocosm. These action rewards can be determined by the central OT-OCN system. In many ways, A-NEX will be busy today creating the blockchain Cryptocurrency applications of tomorrow. This could be applied in a virtual game, or a Smart City. See the A-NEX White Paper for more details about strategic planning and a future of unlimited investment projects.


About Us

A-NEX is the result of a joint venture between Korean technology company, CNEX, and Bruce Khavar’s U.S. technology company, CAT. The A-NEX vision for the future relies explicitly upon proprietary technology developed by CAT, Inc. and conceptualizations developed by CNEX Korea, Inc. The technology includes, but is not limited to, the OT-OCN server-side technology, and the BBS platform, altogether forming the A-NEX Super Cloud. The conceptualizations include the Cryptocurrencies: DONpia Cyber Tokens and UNIA point. This allows a truly unhackable environment in which to establish the A-NEX Cryptocosm – digital spaces where A-NEX cryptocurrencies are the preferred currency of exchange.

A-NEX will be engaging a multi-level B2C & B2B wholesale business model in which A-NEX benefits chiefly from offering [1] DONpia Cyber Tokens and UNIA point, and [2] offering access to business services and consumer services in the A-NEX Cryptocosm, such as (a) the A-NEX cryptocurrency exchange systems, (b) the ability to transact with DONpia Cyber Tokens and UNIA point, (c) the ability to create and execute Smart Contracts in the A-NEX Cryptocosm, (d) the ability to create a Smart Store and run a business in the A-NEX Cryptocosm.

Let's Start

Differentiation Against Other Cryptocurrencies

Over time the differentiation between more successful and less successful Crypto Coins will emerge. This will be impacted by the live applications discovered for these Cryptocurrencies. The first Cryptocurrencies to find reliable and popular applications and instantiations in the real world or in a hyper world, will grow in value. The sole aim of A-NEX is to create these truly secure DONpia Cyber Tokens and UNIA point, and then to develop relationships and applications that will facilitate the active use of these Cryptocurrencies. This is the mission of A-NEX.

DONpia Sale

Stage Start Date End Date Price ($)
Pre-ICO Nov 15 2018 Nov 30 2018 0.5 Dollar
Crowd (ICO) Sale Aug 15 2019 Nov 15 2019
Official ICO TBD

DONpia Summary

Token Name : DONpia
Total DONpia : 12 billion
Verification method : POS
Sales Volume Goal : 40% of the total coins issued
How coins are sold : Pre-ICO, Crowd(ICO) sale, ICO
Accepted Payments : BTC, ETH, USD
Minimum Amount of Purchase : 500 USD

Token Spending Plan

  • Platform Development
  • Business Partnership
  • Global Marketing
  • Operating expenses
  • Foundation
  • Reserve

Token Distribution

  • Pre-ICO, Crowd(ICO) sale, ICO
  • Promotion(Airdrop, Digital Mining)
  • Team, Advisor
  • Reserve
  • Partnership
  • Foundation

Download Mobile App

The use of crypto-currencies has become more widespread, and they are now increasingly accepted as a legitimate currency for transactions. Bitcoin is the first ever cryptocurrency and is used like other assets in exchange for goods and services.

Send, receive, and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Bitcoin Cash instantly with anyone in the world. Securely buy and sell bitcoin alongside your already safely stored cryptocurrency.



BBS is an innovative hardware wallet by CAT, Inc made exclusively for A-Nex, Corp. BBS uses an uninterruptible and unhackable paradigm Operational Technology - Operational Centric Network (OT-OCN) technology. BBS can securely connect to OT-OCN cloud to access eWallets. BBS using OT-OCN provides a truly decentralized, highly secure and scalable solution. BBS secures your identity and money!

Road Map

A-NEX is rolling out these technology and cryptocurrency offerings to support the A-NEX Cryptocosm. Altogether, these will comprise unlimited opportunities in support of developing applications that will increase in value over time.

Our team

One of the most important aspects of any business is the management team in charge of executing strategic planning. The A-NEX team is made up of professionals with a pioneering vision. The following people represent cutting edge initiative in everything they do for A-NEX. Together, these people comprise the team that is creating the A-NEX Cryptocosm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

On the one hand, the DONpia Cyber Token is no hard coin in the brick & mortar world. On the other hand, the digital cyber space world allows for symbols to be exchanged at the speed of electricity. The newly-created DONpia Cyber Tokens and UNIA point from A-NEX are symbols of money, but their digital presence is very real nonetheless. In fact, these new symbols for money, these DONpia Cyber Tokens and UNIA point, will be spent and exchanged exactly the same way as paper money or credit in any system, with a big difference: this is truly safe money. The A-NEX Super Cloud is explicitly unhackable, so using A-NEX's DONpia eWallet to store and access all of your cryptocurrency coins and tokens is maximally secure. So, the new DONpia Cyber Tokens and UNIA point are also the newest symbols of the safest money. A-NEX claims this is the most secure money exchange technology ever invented.
Although digital in nature, the A-NEX protocol for issuing DONpia Cyber Tokens is being carefully established. Principle issues include the following: (a) if only a limited number of DONpia tokens are issued then the currency becomes inflationary, and (b) likewise, if an unlimited number of DONpia tokens are issued then the currency becomes deflationary. For these reasons, there is a hard cap for the ICO and a soft cap. The hard cap is the maximum amount of capital to be gathered – at that point the ICO is over. The soft cap is the minimum amount of capital exchanged in the ICO, at which point the crowd sale event is considered a success. A-NEX is confident of achieving its soft caps because today the ICO is perhaps the best way to launch such a business project and raise capital. The DONpia token is a truly decentralized cryptocurrency where all users become peer economic entities and operate in an autonomous economic system distributing profits commensurate with the value of participation. Thus, a new Tokenomics will be realized based on the issuance of DONpia tokens and UNIA point. At the same time, the judicious execution of hard caps and soft caps will help to control inflation and deflation rates.
The A-NEX White Paper is available for download on this site, and it gives you a good overview of our cutting edge technology and vision. The technology underlying A-NEX has appeared in the media numerous times in recent years. One impressive accomplishment of the OT-OCN technology system is that it has now emerged unscathed from participating in no less than three world-class Cyber Hacking Competitions, in 2015, 2017, and 2018, and each featured in the Korean media and TV. OT-OCN is a comprehensive technology developed for cyber security - a complete cyber security protocol developed by IT luminary, Bruce Khavar, of A-NEX and CAT. Generally speaking, it uses industrial Java to create a platform for a decentralized security protocol, which allows us to create the A-NEX Super Cloud. There is information about Bruce Khavar available online going back to the last century. The best part is that Khavar’s OT-OCN technology is completely unhackable.
We are establishing a pervasive presence across the most well-known social media platforms, and this should help us to become accessible and easy to reach, at all times. We believe it is important for stakeholders and interested investors to know we are always just a click away.
This video is for interested people who want to know more about A-NEX.


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